The Kirby Family

Diann Kirby, owner CKS, is fulfilling a life-long dream of owning, riding and showing horses. She jumped in with both feet taking over an already existing Arabian business in 1997. She is very dedicated to all animals on the property and will make all horses are taken care of as if they are hers.

Scott Kirby, owner CKS, is not as much a horse person as loves to see his daughter Alex, and his mother succeed in the industry. He emphasizes keeping it fun for Alex and has the hardest job of the business which is to keep all mechanical things in working order. The nine-horse, fifty-two-foot long Sundowner trailer, and C 6500 GMC truck has the best maintenance schedule of any equipment on the road. CKS could not do this without his time and financial support.
Scott has worked in his family's business, Kirby's Towing and Recovery, since he was 16 yrs old and his time and dedication to the maintenance schedule is something the center is very proud of.

Alex Kirby, daughter/granddaughter and friend, is the light of the barn and has been the best representative any owner or trainer could ask for.
Clarence Kirby, owner Kirby's Towing and Recovery, helped get it all started and still helps today.